Mastodon is here and I’m confused

I quite like It’s a nice community that allows me to put some thoughts out there on my own domain. I like that @manton is steadily adding features to it. Nevertheless, I have been looking at mastodon but never signed up because of all the instances and the concept of federation.

I am glad that mastodon compatibility was added to today but I remain confused. I added ActivityPub to my which allowed me to claim the username Now I can follow mastodon users and reply to them and they can follow me. I even got a message from a mastodon user on my timeline.

Then I went to set up cross-posting on the account page but it asks me for a Mastodon instance. I signed up for mastodon with the username

So I have two mastodon usernames. I don’t quite get the need for two distinct usernames and it appears that I can’t link them. I think ActivityPub posts my blogs on mastodon and lets me interact with mastodon users while the cross-posting feature gets my mastodon posts from the username to show up on

To be honest, I’m mostly posting this right now to see if it shows up on mastodon.

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